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Welcome to our Information Center. This page is setup up for Home and Business Owners as well as Architects and Builders to provide information, links and videos on the topic of “Why Spray Foam.” We cover Insulation, and Polyurea Coating applications, as well as, the truth about energy savings. In addition, this page provides information on equipment as well as the product itself.

Why Spray Foam

Why Smart Home Owner’s Foam

Find out about how spray foam insulation can improve the indoor comfort, occupant health, and energy efficiency of your home or building. Find out what others have been using since the 70’s

Why Spray Foam

The ABC’s of Spray Roof Foaming

Learn why SPF roofs are stronger, more durable, more sustainable, and less invasive to businesses compared to traditional roofing systems.

Learn How to SPF

Interested in installing spray foam, but don’t know where to start? Find everything you need to know to install SPF insulation and roofing systems. This is the A-Z guide to get you spraying fast.

Why Spray Foam

Spray Foam Tools and Machines

A complete overview on the tools of the trade. We discuss the main equipment, tools, and accessories necessary to install spray foam.

Spray Foam for Builders and Architects

Understand the building science behind spray foam’s use as insulation, as well as an air and vapor barrier in residential and commercial buildings

Why Spray Foam

Spray Foam Tools and Machines

Safety is the most important part of installing spray foam, or having it installed in your home or building. Get the facts here.

Information Center

Spray Foam Roofs

Facts and Myths of SPF

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Spray Foam Roof 2

Why Spray Foam

Polyurea Coatings 2

Spray Foam Roof 3

Wall and Attic Insulation

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Spray Foam Roof 4

How to shave SPF

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