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Seamless roofing provides a cost-effective solution to safely protecting your home or business from the elements. With no joints or seams to allow air or water flow into your structure, you maximize protection, reduce energy costs and increase your comfort.

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Energy Savings

As much as 40% of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. Gaps, holes and air leaks—which can all be prevented—can make energy bills unnecessarily high and let valuable resources go to waste.

Seamless Roofing spray foam offers a solution. The spray foam performs as both insulation and an air sealant, or air barrier. In addition, it closes nooks and crannies that let air escape and add dollars to monthly energy bills. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program estimates that by adding insulation and sealing air leaks, you could save up to 20% on your monthly energy bills.1

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 56% of the energy used in a home goes to heating and cooling.2 Your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has a big effect on your utility bills and your energy consumption. Maintaining an optimal HVAC system can make your home more energy efficient. Seamless Roofing spray foam insulation can help reduce the workload on your HVAC system thanks to its high R-value and effectiveness.Furthermore, with spray foam, HVAC sizing can be reduced as much as 35% without the loss of efficiency and comfort.4

Finally, Seamless Roofing spray foam roof systems have a tremendous advantage over other roofing systems in energy savings. A major university converted over 7 million square feet of roofing to spray foam. This spray foam lasted over 30 years and paid for itself in 4.5 years in energy savings verses their old tar roof systems. Seamless roofing sets the new standard in roofing, coatings and insulation.

Seamless Roofing

If you have a flat or low sloping roof, Seamless Roofing’s spray foam roofing systems are the best solution. Spray foam roofs can be applied over asphalt (tar), modified bitumen, torch down, EPDM, and other roof types. Our team will clean and dry the roof before applying the foam. We apply the foam at the recommended level, and then the foam is covered with a silicone protective layer. The customer is able to pick a color from many choices. Removal and disposal of the existing roof is not necessary, and a spray foam roof can last indefinitely with proper maintenance. Also, the roof can be easily repaired if ever necessary.


Whether your home or business is too cold, or too hot, Seamless Roofing Coatings and Insulation are the professionals you can trust. Our spray foam insulation goes where you need it. We insulate attics, walls, underneath the floors in homes, and trailers. Wherever insulation goes, we go, including reinforcing metal buildings near the entry and exit. Potential burglars will get a surprise when they attempt to peel back the metal to enter the building. We also insulate, utilizing open-cell and closed-cell foam. Whether its closed or open cell foam, our foam insulation is the superior system to insulate and eliminate air leaks and drafts. Once these air leaks and drafts are accounted for, your energy waste will be dramatically reduced, while savings increase. Foam insulation can also reinforce the bottom of metal buildings to deter burglaries.


When it comes to coatings, Seamless Roofing really shines. Our high performance polyurea coatings create industrial grade flooring that easily outperforms epoxy. In addition, polyurea can be used to coat metal structures and equipment, rehabilitate sloped metal roofs, waterproof masonry walls, and possibly other specialized applications for your particular business. Other uses of Polyurea include creating swimming pool linings, bowling alley lanes, basketball courts.

The best protection against floating debris in lakes and rivers is to have pontoons and boat hulls sprayed with polyurethane or polyurea. Our coatings add the toughest shield available to prevent or at least reduce damage. This could mean the difference between losing or saving the watercraft.

The products are the same tough material used in truck bed liners and are scratch and dent resistant. Another benefit is that the surface becomes waterproof and does not corrode with chemicals such as gas or oil spills.