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Why Seamless Roofing?

Seamless spray foam roofing provides a cost-effective solution while safely protecting your home or business from the elements. Due to our unique system, there are no joints or seams to allow air or water flow into your structure, therefore allowing you to maximize protection, reduce energy costs and increase your comfort. Yearly, as much as 30 to 40% of energy is lost due to inadequate insulation. As a result of this loss, more strain is placed on the HVAC, therefore costing the home/business owner more money.

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Roofing Solutions

Our professional Spray foam roofs can be applied over asphalt (tar), modified bitumen, torch down, EPDM, and other roof types. It is a mixture of the two chemicals that when oxidized allows an expedited curation. Once the foam has cured, our professionals spray a silicone protective layer over the polyurethane and as a result, can last indefinitely if properly maintained.

Insulation Solutions

Spray Foam insulation is the superior system to insulate and eliminate air leaks and drafts. It seems like customers have been unaware of how traditional insulation fails in just a few short year. While traditional insulation is cheaper initially, after year five, Spray Foam has now payed for itself. Spray Foam seals the doors for metal buildings which consequently, deters burglary. Traditional insulation can’t compare to spray foam in coverage, reliability, strength against the elements and most of all, energy savings that have been as high as $900.00 a year over traditional insulation.

Coating Solutions

High performance polyurea coatings are applied by our professionals, to create industrial grade flooring that outperforms epoxy each and every time. Our customers enjoy hundreds of uses that Polyurea provide. Solutions such as, coating metal structures and equipment, waterproof linings, tank coatings and linings, are great uses. Other applications such as, joint fill/ caulking and many more specialized applications for your particular business.

Information Center

Here’s where you get your most important questions answered about spray foam insulation and also, roofing systems for homes and commercial buildings, unlike normal roofing. Furthermore, questions such as why should I choose spray foam over traditional insulation, does it really save me money, how long does it take and finally, how long does it last, will all be answered here.


Spray polyurethane foam

roof systems have a tremendous advantage rather than other roofing systems in energy savings. To test this product, a major university converted over 7 million square feet of roofing to spray foam which has now lasted over 30 years, and as a result, paid for itself in 4.5 years in energy savings compared to, their old tar roof systems. While energy costs keep rising, customers can now do more to protect themselves, from the high rate pricing hikes.Contact us to find out how we can assist in making your home or business more energy efficient.

Energy Inefficient vs Spray Foam Energy Efficient House